The Ram School offers cross cultural seminars to people of  all ages, especially K12. The aim of the Ram School is to bridge higher education and K12 to provide younger students with a broad vision, interdisciplinary knowledge, extracurricular activities, leadership skills, motivations, inventive culture, ethics, and in many cases, mentors. The Ram School believes the program well complements the current education system to encourage and foster the future leaders in the early stage.

Each seminar embeds the new top down, layered approach to learning that includes 2 to 6 knowledge intensive modules:

  • Each module is accompanied by comprehensive exercises and tests.

  • Each module covers the entire subject at a different level of abstraction.

  • Students can quickly build confidence in each module and move on to the next module.

  • Each seminar is accompanied by additional resources that support continuous practice and "deep" learning.

  • Students can quit at any level without losing the whole picture of the subject.

  • All modules can be "reused" and connected to learn new subjects that are interdisciplinary in nature.